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Creating Connected Communities, Together

Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) creates a more unified care coordination network to support improvements and better patient outcomes.

Whole Person Care Meets Innovation

We connect care teams to better understand the needs of your community and empower your data into actionable insights. 

We believe that data can be harnessed to support a more coordinated network of organizations working together to achieve better patient engagement and outcomes. 

Explore our array of solutions to help your organization achieve its interoperability goals and improve outcomes in your community.

Improvement Projects

Solving complex priorities throughout your community with systematic sprint approaches and measurable sets of activities.

Social Health Information Exchange

Creating opportunities among community organizations to develop effective, efficient, and sustainable systems to address the needs of people in their community.

Community Data Network

Enabling our members to securely manage, share, and receive population-level insights on their communities to contribute to a common community goal.

Community Care Coordination

Using leading-edge innovation to connect care teams addressing social, mental, and physical needs.

Population Health Analytics

Delivering actionable insights to increase efficiencies, improve engagement, and create thriving communities.

Creating Stronger Communities


News & Announcements

"Mountain Family had data dreams of grandeur that we brought to CCMCN and instead of laughing us out the door, they have spent the last few years working as our partner to make progress towards those dreams. I don’t recall hearing “no” from their knowledgeable team once, just “ok, we can probably get there”. They worked with us to start developing with what we have while keeping an eye on the end goal. We love working with CCMCN and its amazing team."

Marija Weeden, MSW, Director of Operations
Mountain Family Health Centers

"CCMCN has helped offer a more complete patient profile of the community we care for. Where Clinica has the data to understand a medical, dental and behavioral health profile of patients within our system, CCMCN has helped provide a more complete view of our patient population and help to inform and leverage internal and local policies and relationships with our community partners. "

Benjamin Schmudlach, Vice President of Information Systems
Clinica Family Health

"Third Party integrations (ex: Findhelp) have made it seamless for our care managers to stay in one system for referrals. Being able to view referral information, track closed-loop rates, and extract reports in our native system. Auditing is much easier with Health Cloud, as the data is at our fingertips. Non-traditional vendor type support that feels the dedication and care CCMCN has to its technologies. Automation of the system decreased our teams' administrative burden."

Annie Fritz, BSW
Northern Colorado Health Alliance

"Uncommon partnerships are critical if we are to meet the current needs of our communities. If we fully understand the ways in which disparities are created, we will act, think, and behave differently in service to dismantling the structures that impeded access to care. CCMCN deeply understands the ways in which data sharing and aggregation can lead to meaningful and actionable care delivery. NCHA’s partnership with CCMCN is critical to the work we do across systems and across agencies, facilitating a level of engagement and informed care coordination through data sharing."

Lesley Brooks, MD
Northern Colorado Health Alliance & SummitStone Health Partners

Impact Change With Us

Connect to CCMCN’s unified care coordination system designed to target improvements in operational efficiency, person experience, health equity, and cost of care.

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